Case Study: Maximizing Impact for Mayo Roscommon Hospice with a Digital-First Raffle Campaign

Client: Mayo Roscommon Hospice

Challenge: Mayo Roscommon Hospice sought to maximise fundraising from a car raffle, leveraging a donation from a local business.

Objective: To enhance the raffle’s reach and engagement, thereby increasing the funds raised for the hospice.

Strategy and Execution:

  1. Seasonal Alignment: We strategically selected dates aligning with seasonal peaks and organisational events to maximise participation.
  2. Bonus Draws and Prizes: Throughout the campaign, we introduced bonus draws featuring locally sourced prizes like garden furniture, a family trip to Center Parcs, and high-quality vouchers, appealing to the target demographic.
  3. Community Engagement: To harness regional goodwill, we collected and edited supporter videos, including messages from the hospice’s CEO. These were received as WhatsApp video messages, augmented with campaign graphics, and disseminated on social media, especially during the campaign’s critical final phase.
  4. Digital Marketing Push: We implemented a robust digital marketing strategy, utilising Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and Google ads. The high-quality video content ensured exceptional ad performance, significantly boosting campaign visibility and ticket sales.
  5. Point of Sale Integration: Recognizing the hospice’s retail supporter network, we provided tailored point-of-sale materials for physical ticket sales, integrating these outlets into the campaign’s digital strategy.


  • The campaign successfully propelled revenue past the €100,000 mark.
  • The raffle generated multiple times the value of the car, far exceeding the initial donation value.
  • The live broadcast of the draw on Facebook amplified engagement and demonstrated transparency, contributing to the campaign’s success.

JEL Marketing’s digital-first approach, coupled with strategic planning and community engagement, significantly amplified the impact of Mayo Roscommon Hospice’s raffle. The campaign not only surpassed fundraising targets but also fostered community involvement and brand recognition, setting a new standard for their digital marketing fundraising.